Yaakov Klein with Nemol

The Brit Avot Organization was established to meet the urgent needs of the Russian immigrants, where many of our brethren had never had the benefit of a brit mila (circumcision) under Communist Russia.

In order to achieve this important mitzvah of giving a Brit Mila to older men, Brit Avot required not only a doctor, but an experienced mohel who was capable of performing a brit mila like this under sanitary conditions. It also needed an operating room, support, assistance, accompaniment of the men, and consultation after the brit.

The Organization works on a voluntary basis. It fulfills the great mitzvah of performing a brit on adults in the operating suite of Misgav Ladach Hospital , Jerusalem . The britim are done by experienced mohalim specializing particularly in adult circumcision and are under the supervision of Dr. Yaacov Chachkes. Each brit is performed in the most pleasant and painless manner. Following up on their patients recuperation has many times formed very close relationships between the Mohel and these adults. In addition, the Organization often provides a special celebratory dinner for after the brit.

Brit Avot’s experienced mohalim provide consultation and direction for all matters related to the brit.  They also provide consultation and assistance for babies.  This Organization has been acting for many years and has accrued considerable expertise and skills, maintaining a friendly and caring atmosphere.  They often provide transportation to and from the brit as well, requiring a vehicle to transport the person having the brit. 

The mohalim are guided by leading Rabbis and follow their directives in all matters.  The Rabbis have given endless praise to their efforts in such an important field.  

Many people have acted as Sandek, the “G-dfather” for the brit, a very special merit to be attained.

A couple of interesting stories accumulated over years from working with these older Jews who suddenly decided to have a brit mila. A 70-year-old Russian Jew could only make his brit on a certain date due to pressure at work.  It turned out that the date he could make was his and Mohel Aharon Kramer’s – birthday!  

A young Russian teenager was saved from a terrorist attack because Aharon Kramer had performed a brit mila on him that morning and he didn’t feel well enough to go with all his friends to the Dolphinarium in Tel Aviv – on the Friday night it was bombed. Sadly, many of his friends that were there either died or were wounded in the attack.

Brit Avot is doing its utmost to assist these Russians who have not yet merited having a brit mila, and help them achieve this special mitzvah.

A means of transportation for the men and babies to and from the brit is something Brit Avot extremely needs.  Funds to be used for a second-hand vehicle would be most appreciated and helpful.