Rabbi Kramer with Adults
Rabbi Kramer with Adults

Before the Bris

Children until age 12 can eat up to four hours before the brit, and to drink only water until two hours before the brit.

Adults can have a light meal up to four hours before the brit, and drink water up to two hours before the brit. 

After the Bris

Kids having a meal

It is preferable to wear form fitting clothes to cover the brit, such as a bathing suit, to keep the brit elevated.

  • Dry bandage: This prevents irritation of the wound during movement; it is advisable to try to keep the bandage as dry as possible.  
  • Stitches: These automatically dissolve and may last for up to three weeks.
  • Pain: Generally caused by an erection; an ice pack can be placed between the legs. Acamol can be taken against pain, if not allergic, according to a doctor’s recommendation.
  • Hematoma: (blood coagulating under the skin after the brit) This is a routine occurrence, resulting from the anesthetic, and usually disappears on its own.
  • Day after the brit: The bandage should be replaced by another bandage which should hold for four days (the bandage should be changed by a doctor, nurse or mohel).  
  • On the fifth day: (excluding Shabbat) The  bandage should be gently removed under the shower; it should come right off.  

After removal of the bandage: Clean the brit well with soap, dry thoroughly, and place a new dry bandage, to prevent rubbing and irritation of the wound.
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