Bris for Three in Kishinov

An adult and two children were privileged to enter into the covenant of the Patriarch Abraham on Sunday in the city of Kishinev in the state of Moldova.

The adult who lives in Budapest, Hungary, a refugee from Ukraine, who for several weeks has wanted to fulfill the mitzvah and when he learned that the mohel was coming to Kishinov on Sunday, he had already come to sit in Kishinev so as not to miss this time the joy of fulfilling the mitzvah.

And there were also 2 brisim of children whose parents are baalei teshuva, and in the covenant they behaved like children who come for dental treatment, and seeing the joy in their father for having received this precious commandment, they simply laid their ways in the covenant, and for this it is said, Blessed be Abraham, our father, that these are your loins.

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