Simcha’s Pre-Passover Bris

In preparation for Passover today, Sunday, 4 Nissan 5723, a Jew at the age of 45 who was born in Ukraine was privileged to enter into the covenant of the Patriarch Abraham A”H with joy and excitement

The Jew came to Israel about eight years ago and did not know what he lacked, lived in Tel Aviv and Bat Yam worked in odd jobs, until he won from heaven and his brother, who had now come to Israel from the horrors of the war in Ukraine, persuaded to move to Tiberias where there is a Ukrainian-speaking Jewish community from Kiev, and to learn and get to know Judaism.

This past week they told him about the magnitude of the mitzvah of circumcision in preparation for Passover, and thanks to the covenant he could eat a Passover sacrifice, as stated in the verse, “and an uncircumcised person may not eat it.”

He happily agreed.

And in the bris he was very excited and happy.

And immediately after the blessing of “shehechiyanu“, we added and will get to eat this year from the Passover sacrifice.

And his name in Israel was called “Simcha”

May we be privileged this year to eat the Passover sacrifice in the Temple. AMEN!

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