From Priest to Jew

The Jewish priest at the age of 65 entered the covenant of Abraham on Tu Kislev Tishpad, in the city of Tbilisi, Georgia.

And his name is called in Israel – “Raphael”

From childhood he was bullied by his friends and always asked why his friends hated him and told him that he was Jewish.

He remembers many Jewish customs from his parents’ home.

Growing up in the region of Siberia, he studied as a teacher and rose through the ranks until he became one of the district priests in Belarus, helped the Jewish communities a lot, and the priests under his command claimed that he was helping the Jews more than enough, and could not say anything because he was higher than them.

His converted son convinced his father and even brought a lot of proof of his father’s Jewishness.
Thank G-d, today we were privileged to fulfill the mitzvah with great excitement and the joy of a mitzvah that returned to Judaism, blessed are the people, who are his sons, even at this age, who fully repent.

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